Caterpillar Contemplations

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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We’re the top!

There is something cheap and nasty about mankind’s need to assert itself on wildlife that step out of line.

We’re the top of the food chain and the -shark/bear/lion/dingo/crocodile- should remember it’s place. We’re the top! We’re the top! We’re the top! *stamping feet*
It’s ghastly that our ignorance, lack of responsibility and inflated, self-important, nothing-can-touch-me attitude leads to the death of innocent creatures because they had the audacity to bite us. They have the audacity to respond to their instinctual nature to kill and consume. They should know that’s not the way it’s done. Surely if they want to quench their carnal desires they should take up duck shooting or perhaps tear down a forest to have their own gas producing cattle farms. Just so long as they don’t bite us or our unprotected, unwatched children. We’re the top of the food chain, we shouldn’t have to be held accountable for our own stupidity – that’s a quirk of being at the top isn’t it?
Dingoes attack toddler – an unwatched toddler mind you and who is to blame? The dingoes of course. But hey, we can’t possibly be expected to know that dingoes attack – aren’t they lovely furry creatures? They’re like those sharks, those lovely grey fishies with big teeth that swim in the sea – they’re nice too aren’t they? Well most of them. It’s only the deranged ones that attack humans, I mean, it makes sense that they get put down – how else do we send a message to all the other nice sharkies?