Caterpillar Contemplations

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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Rocking the curls

Being afflicted / blessed with curly hair, I have searched for several years to find a hairdresser who has the Midas touch for curly hair. Everyday – they air dry and go “sproing”. And I found him!  Like some quaint little parable … years of searching, epic journey (etc etc) … I discover him almost in my backyard.   I think it would be cruel to keep him all to myself, besides – I like to promote people who I think are truly awesome and he definitely fits into that category.
His name is Mirsad
You’ll find him at The Cutters Chair on Victoria St, Ballarat.  YES – it IS worthwhile making the trip to see him, besides you can have lunch / dinner with me.  Fantastic combo.
Number is: 5332 6638

I was similarly impressed with the cut he gave Div (curls) and my son (straight hair).  Unfortunately the photos don’t do it justice.

My son’s styling haircut

My curls