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"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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Project 365 – 31st August.

Feeling crappy! Bath fixes everything.


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Project 365 – 26th August 2013

New beginnings

New beginnings

I think about this blog often … it’s a like an old friend I never make contact with but know is always there and I write to it in my head.  I’m waiting for the day that I can just think and my thoughts get converted into words on a page.

I have a friend at work (one of the several jobs) who has just completed two years of a ‘photo a day’ – called Project 365. It’s impressive dedication.  Something I attempted with my Days of Gratitude.  I struggled to fulfil my own goal – I frequently do – but I believe that it’s important to brush myself off and try again, in all areas of my life.

And today, after seeing Mika’s post on Facebook, I decided to try again.  There have been times when i’ve thought about scrapping this blog and starting a fresh but I think it’s interesting to see the waves of interest and passion rise and fall.  It’s not so contrived.

After all … I never started it with something in particular to say … it was never about creating something that fed into a particular market or audience … right now – I don’t know what it is – it’s enough that it is here and that I’m writing and that I hope to keep writing and taking photos. In fact. I’m hoping to eventually write every day.

On reflection, what held me up with my days of gratitude was a) my perfectionist tendencies wanting to take ‘perfect’ photos and for me or others to look ‘perfect’ in those photos and b) making the time.

Lots of new beginnings

Lots of new beginnings

So.  My Project 365 starts today. I’m going to do it here – not on Facebook … because although I’m hoping my new approach will be less self-analytical and more of a picture journal of day to day stuff that will include photos that are … meh – if I was sharing a daily photo on Facebook with the ‘definite’ audience rather than the occasional audience I get here, the knowledge of that audience would really restrict how I do this project.  And I would feel the need to be witty – and we know how I feel about that.

I also started running again with the assistance of the awesome app – Ease into 5K. This will be the 5th maybe 6th, possibly 7th time I’ve started. At least three times I’ve managed to get to 5 kilometre runs and be very chuffed with myself – then stop completely. I need to raise the bar. 10km?

And my eating plan … to eat better-er.

Supposedly all these habits become ingrained after 2 weeks – I’ve found good habits notoriously difficult to continue. Any suggestions?

My workspace

My workspace