Caterpillar Contemplations

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

Wait for it …

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It wasn’t intentional … but it my sister’s prompt “wait for it …” seemed to have a tranquilizing effect on my ability to write.

Initially I contacted my sister (on 13th September 2015) with the fantastically courageous stupid whimsical ambitious and wildly enthusiastic idea (like most of my ventures) that we should reinstate our prompt blog relationship.

She delightfully responded and dutifully wrote her blog to my prompt – which you can find here.  And … left my prompt.

So … just under a month ago.  And it’s not that I don’t think about it … or even … that I don’t have ideas!  I do!  I have too many ideas.  I just … have some difficulty following through, sticking to the course, crossing the finish line, baking the cake … whatever analogy you want to use … I just … you know … don’t DO it.

Well. Until now. When I’m clearly doing it.  However, given that the prompt IS/WAS “wait for it…” then truly I don’t need to make an apology.  And since, really, my sister is probably the only one who will actually read this … there is even less need to apologise because she inherently understands.

When I got the prompt I couldn’t help but think that this is a phrase that describes me.

Ever since I was small I’ve always felt like I’m waiting for another version of myself to emerge – as if – there is something lying in wait and that once I get all the pieces in the right place things will just blossom.  Perhaps it’s true.  Perhaps I’m sensing some intoxicating future.  But, whilst I’d hate to poo poo those possibilities for myself – the rather unfortunate aforementioned problem of “following things through” – is most likely holding that exciting future at bay.

Wait for it …

Tonight – I’ll go to bed at a reasonable time so that …
Tomorrow – I’m going to get up early and go for a run!
The day after – I’ll drink more water and take my vitamins.
Before the end of the week – I’ll set aside time to meditate and be grateful
By the weekend – I’ll have written a letter to a friend, to keep in touch!
Then next week will start with – some morning exercises to go with those runs that are now a habit.
Followed by – daily affirmations to change my perspective and keep depression away.
Then – I’ll sew some new clothes from the material I bought months ago, plan two weeks ahead, record poetry, cook healthy snacks and start playing an instrument.

Wait for it …

It won’t be long now – the new and improved Alexandra. The updated model with less weight, more energy, higher confidence, greater productivity and less …

Wait for it …

… but don’t hold your breath!

Prompt: The apple never falls far from the tree


Author: Alexandra Meerbach

Actor / Editor / Writer / Mother / Reader / Teacher / Gardener / Cook / Creator

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