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"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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Something about the game I’m playing today!

I enjoy playing games.  I’ve had a long history with computer games dating back to when I played Lode Runner or Apple Panic when I was only six years old. Our first computer was an old green screen Apple Mac.








So as I was driving into Melbourne over the Westgate this evening I was thinking about my sister’s prompt. The docklands immediately transformed into the industrial area and the city itself a mix of high density commerce and residential, with a few low density thrown in because there is “no room to expand”. If you haven’t guessed already I’ve been slightly obsessed with Sim City 4 or is it 5? Whatever – the latest one!

My educational hub!

My educational hub!


A similar blend of reality and game drifts into my day to day life whenever I become obsessed about a game. With Skyrim – it occurred whenever we walked the dog and I would see flowers that looked like flowers in Skyrim and I would say aloud “I should pick those”. Fortunately my boyfriend understands. Or with Sims I’ll be completing tasks around the house or usual activities and will mention to my boyfriend “I just leveled up cooking.” This also happened with WOW, but on a much smaller scale because the cutesy cartoony elements just don’t translate to life all that well.

My boyfriend and I went to the Melbourne Museum to see the Aztec exhibition. In part we were curious and wanted to do something ‘cultured’ but there was also another part of us that wanted to rage against* Montezuma purely because if he is on the same continent as us when we play Civ 5, or 4 or hell – any of the other Civ numbers – that warmongering bastard always finds a reason to hate us/me/him. Unfortunately we found the exhibition disappointing and … after being better informed than what the computer game allows, I actually felt quite sorry for the guy. The Spanish were nasty!

I think I strayed WAY off topic here but … hey … I’ve written a blog. So playing Sim City – waiting for my latest game crush to end and release me into a period of time where I avoid the computer (this comes in cycles) until I’m hit by an overwhelming desire to be absorbed in a different game.

*I’m not entirely sure HOW we were going to rage against him – or more specifically a representation of him. Were we planning on yelling at a statue? Or throwing stones? Or stabbing some Aztec pottery in the guts? Maybe that’s why were disappointed with the exhibit – we weren’t able to express our frustrations at years of indiscriminate game warmongering. I just want to get a cultural victory Monte, leave me alone!!