Caterpillar Contemplations

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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Project 365 – 3rd September

The V that got me to Horsham for work … arriving at 11.48pm & the bed I’m sleeping in. God I hope it’s good!


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Thank you for heat sacks – 68/365

I love heat sacks. Perfect for dull aches and pains, warmth, comfort, cuddles, nice smells, muscle relaxant. Much better in winter than an electric blanket. Much prefer a heat sack. Want to make my own but never got round to it …


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Thanks for my own bed – 22/365

My bed

My bed

I love staying in hotels. I enjoy the sense of adventure. The surprise, or disappointment when I open the door and see the room for the first time.

But after a couple nights of not sleeping right. Of loud neighbours or trucks. Of bad television. Of no one to snuggle up to – well – I miss my own bed.

And the first night back in my own bed is the best. I’m looking forward to sleep tonight.