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"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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#blogjune – Suit onesy


Luke & I wearing suits for dunking!

Luke & I wearing suits for dunking!

My prompt for today was to tell everyone about this photo!

My darling sister lovingly took photos of me as I was being dunked in a water tank for a BCMA fundraiser. It was cold. Damn cold. But at least I had dunking companions and a funky suit onesy to make the experience bearable.

My Uncle, who had arrived at the event with my sister and nephew remarked on how brave I was to be dunked.  I thought this was interesting as I didn’t really summon up any courage to do it. I just had to sit on a plank and climb out of a tub of cold water.  But it got me thinking later about the boundaries that define people. What one person finds scary, another thinks is a walk in the park.  Which then led to a cool idea for my first rehearsal with my senior drama students – exploring characters beliefs and defining the differences between what is us (as an actor) and what is our character.

Well sis -you’ll be needing a new prompt for Tuesday 10th June … as will I!  How about: The most challenging thing about today was …


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Thank you for work that I looooove – 24/365

Impresario Theatre

Impresario Theatre

I love my work. In fact, I enjoy all of my seven jobs! It’s a blessing and sometimes when I let the rollercoaster of life take me on the downward spin, I forget just how grateful I am that I have such a range of employment and responsibilities.
For many years I was encouraged to teach but I always resisted because I didn’t want to teach in a high school. Last year I almost signed up to do ‘teacher training’ … I had to make a choice about what I really wanted. I’ve known all along I didn’t want to teach in schools and the breadth of teaching related employment that I now have holds to my desires perfectly. I teach after school drama, in classes where the kids are choosing to be there. I teach communication skills to adults, which I love (it’s the communication skills I love – not necessarily the adults). And I get to teach TAFE students about the wonders of story and how to translate it into performance, something I am passionate about and would like to see more and more performance pieces created!
So much teaching but not a ‘school’ in sight.