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"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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Something recent that made me do a happy/victory dance!

My first response to my sister’s above prompt was to get all … “didn’t you read my last post about being overwhelmed – where’s the happy victory dance in that I ask you?” …
but then I consciously decided NOT to be all doom and gloom.





(I’ve helpfully included this image of what doom and gloom may look like from a window if you were feeling particularly moody)

And I thought really long and hard about it.  And THEN I slapped myself a few times and took a good look in the proverbial mirror.  What I found was that I had a superbly wonderful happy / victory dance just recently.

It was the night of May 30th and all through the house,
I skipped and I whistled – not at all like a mouse.
I danced near a table and spun onto a chair,
because I knew May 31st soon would be there.

My 7 year anniversary with my gorgeous boyfriend.  Seven fantastic ( and sometimes overwhelming – can’t forget that) years!  Wow.  I was joyful. I was excited for the date we had planned – which was AmAzInG.

You know … I love that when I read his text messages I can  hear his voice and so often it makes me laugh out loud.  And I love that when I text him, he understands what :)? means and it makes him laugh.  So that was the second happy dance. When I got out of the car after checking my mobile and seeing his reply “you made me laugh out loud” … I did another happy jig step shuffle as I walked toward the house.

And because there are no clearly defined rules or contracts signed when we started this #blogjune deal – I’ll lovingly bounce back the topic to you as per requested sweet sister.  Tell me, what’s your recent happy/victory dance?