Caterpillar Contemplations

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly." Lao Tzu

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Thanks for memories – 28/365



I didn’t say goodbye …

I didn’t say goodbye when I kissed you on the cheek …

I said “See-ya”.
And I will.
I’ll see you in the swirl of smoke from a pipe.
I’ll see you in tubs of Creme Caramel and blocks of Old Gold.
I’ll see you in Acquire, British Rails and Risk.
I’ll see you when I pass a bowling club or see the old smoke stack from the wool mills.
I’ll see you when I drive into Portland.
I’ll see you when I finally write a novel.
I’ll see you when I look at my index finger and my son’s index finger which looks exactly like yours.
I’ll see you when I cook steak and make an omelette; and whether you like it or not, I’ll see you when I smell onion and garlic.
I’ll see you when I talk to my sisters.
I’ll see you every time I watch a magpie and think ‘boy or girl?’
I’ll see you when I feel my temper rise.
I’ll see you when I stir my sugar into a long black (before I add a touch of milk).
I’ll see you when I run my fingers over my first piano.
I’ll see you when I race someone down the street and start laughing – why I laugh nobody knows, but it’s fun!
I’ll see you every time I load Civilization or talk about green screen computers with Apple Panic and Loadrunner – they don’t make games like they used to.
I’ll see you in vests with sheep’s wool lining.
I’ll see you each time I use your old army duffel bag.
I’ll see you in my aunts and uncles.
I’ll see you at Christmas, handing out presents from under the tree.
And when I really need to, I’ll see you at Shelly Beach.
Enjoy the journey, mon père.
I’ll see-ya!
Ferdinand Karel Johanna Maria Meerbach
17.06.1942 – 04.11.11